The Pinecast Tip Jar allows listeners to send monetary contributions to content creators.

In order to be able to leave a tip, a podcast must have set up a cashout account. This can be done from the Tips tab on a podcast dashboard. At this time, only bank accounts in the United States (in USD) are accepted. All accounts must also be individual accounts, though corporate accounts may be accepted in the future.

By using the Pinecast Tip Jar, you agree with and accept the Stripe Connected Account Agreement.

Once a cashout account has been added, tips will begin being accepted. A URL will be available in the Tips section of the podcast dashboard, and a flair option will be added when adding new podcasts. Adding a cashout account will not retroactively enable tip flair for all previous episodes.

Tips are processed by Stripe, so a small percentage of the tip is deducted to cover the cost of the transaction. For free accounts, a fee of 30% (before Stripe's processing fee) will be added to the tip. Starter, Community, and Pro plans will not have an additional fee.

Different plans have different maximum tip values:

Plan Tip Limit
Demo $10
Starter $20
Community $50
Pro $100

A single tip may not exceed a podcast's tip limit.

Tips are automatically paid out once per week. Tips are held for a minimum of seven days until the next cashout date. Cashouts occur every Friday.

Recurring Tips

Recurring tips will automatically charge the tipper once per month at the donation level that they choose. Tippers may update their subscription at any time, though tips are not refundable. Tip payout occurs in the same way that one-time tip payouts do.

Recurring tips are not available to free accounts.

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